Helpful Links

Helpful Links


Check out the sites below. Here’s a list of websites and companies which we like and feel will be useful to you. None of them have paid a fee to be here, we simply think you should be aware of them and we like to support good sites. Our Accountant/Business manager went nuts saying we should charge them a fee but hey, we’re not all about the money. Hmmm… having said that, maybe we should hit up ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, anyway, you don’t have to worry about that. So, while we get on the phone to these three companies and try and hit them up for money, please enjoy and use the list below.

Music Registry
Ever tried calling a record company after 5pm? The Music Registry has been publishing contact directories for the Music Industry since 1992 – That’s all they do to make sure you have the best contact information available for the people you need to reach in the Music Industry. This is the best resource. period and we recommend you use this as part of your song placement strategy.

Hear the Music

Penny Sears founded Hear the Music with a few friends. It features hundreds of in-depth articles. People who love music now have a place to discover expert advice on the top gear (for almost any music discipline).  Check it out at

Ariel Cyber PR
A digital PR company which also educates you on using the web to promote yourself. Its founder, Ariel Hyatt, literally ‘Wrote the Book” on cyber Pr campaigns. We highly recommend!

Stoosh PR 
Check out this great PR Company.

Cyber Street Team
Urban specialists

The Songwriter Online
A tremendous resource for today’s songwriter.
Up to 80% of music on TV goes unreported.. Who’s tracking your music? Use TuneSat to maximize your revenue potential Sign up by Dec. 31st and save 25% off! Use promo code DMN25

Helps independent artists, songwriters and composers get record, publishing and Film/TV deals.

The Art of Singing – Vocal Coaching
For fifteen years, Jennifer Hamady has worked with a variety of individuals and groups- including Grammy, Emmy, CMA, and Tony award winners. Her book “The Art of Singing” published through Hal Leonard is fantastic. She does not need to be listed here but we love her and its our site so why not? Oh and her next book “How to Sing” is due to be out soon!

PRO Societies
You need to sign up with this one or BMI or Sesac, especially if you place songs.




Sound Exchange
Especially important because they collect on internet radio and satellite performances.

Production Services
If you’re a label rep or artist looking for songwriting and/or production services there’s no better resource than the Production MarketPlace.

Music For Commercials
If you are looking for music for Commercials and the like.

Temp Agency
Looking for a temp to cover for your long-suffering assistant while she or he takes a break? We highly recommendForthright Staffing in New York. Dion Georges, the President is utterly wonderful and can help you out. Give her a call on 646-857-9183 or email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Trust us, her temps are not clones, they are great. We only use only recommend her!

thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits