13 Questions with FourEver


Exclusive interview with FourEver.

Jarrod, Chris, Brad  & Brett make up the band FourEver.   

Their sound is organic pop blended with slick production elements; One Direction meets the Eagles. They are all under 20 years old, but their harmonies, stage presence and musicality would have you believe they've been around a little while longer.  "FourEver now" is their debut single.  

You can check out their debut video here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=e5Pb1xsDq9o


Management: JVM


                      JOHNNY VIEIRA












Snapchat: FoureverBand 





Before they headed off to their next gig we managed to fire off 13 questions to them.

Q.  Where are you guys from and how did you get together?

A.  We all came together in and around Nashville which is great music city.  We are produced by Johnny Vieira and managed by a management company JVM

Q.   Let us know what your musical influences are?

A. Our influences range from everybody from One Direction to Eric Clapton, John Mayer, to BB King .  Our influences truly run the gamut of music history

Q.  . Are there any non-music people who inspire/influence you?

A.  Our influences range from our parents to the great artists through out history and of course God

Q.   What are you currently working on?
A.   We are currently working on more songs and about to drop our single called "FourEver Now".

Q.   How would you describe your sound?
A.  Our sound is mainly straight ahead guitar driven pop with some eclectic touches mixed in. You have to just hear the sound to get the feel because it's a  pretty fresh and new sound

Q.  Will you shoot a video for the single?

A.  We already shot the video for the first single throughout Nashville. It was an amazing experience and gave us the opportunity to show off a lot of different sides to this band. We know you guys will love the song

Q.  Who is on your Team and how Important are they to your Success?

A.  A seasoned record producer and music manager is behind us. His team is pretty extensive and probably too long to list here LOL..

Q.   Tell us who your Target Audience is? Also, how important are your Fans and their support to your project?

A.  Our fans are really important to us. There is nothing we won't do for them. It's safe to say Our fans range from tween and teen girls who love boy bands and pop music to fans in their 20s that can appreciate great musicianship as we are all solid musicians

Q.   What is happening for you guys in the next 6 to 12 months?

A.  Johnny (our Manager & Producer) is looking to make a joint venture with a major record label and were also talking to a few other major boy bands out there for a possible fall tour

Q.  . What separates you from other "Boy Bands' or groups in general?

A.  Even though we love the other boy bands out there,  we feel we are different as we play instruments as opposed to just stand and bop around. We also mix several elements in all our songs. You guys are going to love it

Q.   Who is on your short list to collaborate with?

A.  We would love to collaborate with 5 Seconds Of Summer, Rihanna,  and also a band like Coldplay and One Republic.

Q.   How can your Fans reach out to you?

A.  You have all the usual social media for keeping up with us,  and you can also reach out to a management JVM for anything as well.

Q.   Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

A.  Whether 5 years, 10 years,  or 20 we plan to be doing the same thing and which is playing great music and making our fans smile.
Management: JVM
                      JOHNNY VIEIRA
Snapchat: FoureverBand 
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thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at https://t.co/hOJWiSjVei #hitshttps://t.co/oNvy4TW6cg
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at https://t.co/hOJWiSjVei #hitshttps://t.co/svbYqKPZbe