Noelle Bean's musical journey began not long after releasing her song "Like To Love You” on YouTube. After garnering considerable attention online, she began performing in Dallas TX and soon after around the country.  

In this exclusive interview she tells us her story so far, offers some sage advice to aspiring artists and songwriters, then lets us in on the real-life inspiration and back story for her song “Rollercoaster”.


The Early Years


Tell us about the early years, including being born in Dallas, early childhood memories, and how you got started in the Entertainment Business?

Since I can remember, as a kid I always loved singing but was super shy. My parents were pastors so most of my memories involve playing hide & seek in the sanctuary and sneaking candy out of the Children’s Church supply closet, while our parents had prayer meetings and church event planning. :) All nonsense aside, around 10 I mustered up the courage to sing in the church choir and eventually led worship service for middle school, high school, and college age group assemblies. I never planned on having actual career music but I’m so happy life has its way of working itself out in the end.


You started singing and performing when you when you were in High School. What sparked that? What inspired you to pursue music? 

One name. Darrell Wren. My first ever music teacher who pulled out my passion for not only music but composing as well. After a sudden move from Nashville to Dallas my freshman year, my parents enrolled me in a private Christian school where on my first day I walked into what seemed to be the wrong class but in the end happened to be fate. I walked into this classroom thinking it was my science class and saw a group of kids standing on stage holding instruments and microphones.. Before I could even turn around, Mr. D, AKA Darrell Wren, turned and asked “Are you the new student? Noelle Bean?…..I heard you can sing” And from that moment, I couldn’t stop. 


You started playing guitar.  Did you take lessons? How has guitar helped you to become a strong artist? 

I learned guitar from Google and YouTube. I’d research cover songs I loved and playing my fingers to the bone until I could get them right. Other than that messing around jamming with my band is the only practice I’ve got. 


Did you have a regular 9 to 5 job before doing music fulltime? If yes, please tell us about it?

The last job I had before my career was one that made me realize how I am NOT built for office work haha. I was a leasing agent at an apartment complex. Granted, I learned a great deal about faxing, understanding and explaining details within contractual agreements, and that lunch breaks consisting of only Triscuits with Easy Cheese and far too much coffee will catch up with your thighs much sooner than later, I was itching for a dream life. So, after one too many lunch breaks behind a desk, I thought to myself ‘Do I really want to be that 40-something year old who wishes she could go back and pursue a life worth living a million times over again?’ Next thing I know.. I’m handing my manager a paper titled, “My Two Weeks Notice" and never looked back. 


Your name is Noelle Bean but you also go by Bean. Why do you use both names (for example you use Noelle Bean on You Tube)?

I use my full name because it’s the name I’ve been given by the best mom with the best heart who deserves nothing short of the entire world. Also, because it’s me, the person. Not the artist or performer who has a couple songs on commercials. However, that one guy who to this day is one of my biggest musical influences, Mr. D. (who I told you about above) He was the first to dub me “Bean”. After that caught on, it stuck and here I am. 


The Music Biz


How does the artist experience differ from being a songwriter?

A songwriter makes the art therefore is an artist. Whereas, an artist interprets the songs through performance.  For me, both go hand in hand.. always have even back in the day when I uploaded my first YouTube video.

 You have a huge voice, and can write great songs, do you want to expand in the biz & perhaps run your own company one day & work with other artist?

I’ll definitely want to position the perfect team of wiz-kids covering every department such as A&R, marketing, publishing, etc to eventually form, with God-willing, hopeful anticipation, a very very successful record label. Until then, I’m just trying to break as an artist :)  


 Do you mentor anyone or in turn, do you have anyone who is mentoring you right now and if yes, tell us about that person?

Even though I sometimes let my stubborn Virgo qualities get to me, I have so many people I look up and listen to. In more ways than one, my manager, Adam Mehl has been a crucial spoke on the wheel to getting me where I am. Mark my words, that man will be the next Shep Gordon. No one sees the 4am emails or hears the dozens of daily phone calls negotiating, networking, problem-solving, etc. My manager’s work ethic is the kind it takes to sell out stadiums and have a front row seat reserved at the Grammy’s. After 4 years of working with Adam, I’ve learned more about the business of music than I could've ever imagined. Although we fight like he’s a 4th big brother and still has to drill me about random stuff from time to time, it is definitely safe to say he has played one of the biggest roles in my life and I wouldn’t be this far without him. Love you Adam SMehl :) 


The Writing Process


What inspires your writing?

I’m inspired by every day normal AND not-so-normal situations. My songs are my story. I’m an open book. 

Who are you currently working with (artist, songwriters, producers, collaborators)?

          I co-wrote my new song “Wildfire” with Jake Newton and Steve Solomon. They’re the teets. 


In addition to writing for yourself, do you want to write for other artist, or write songs for Film & TV SYNC Licensing placements?




Do you have any advice for young up & coming songwriters? 

VOICE YOUR OPINIONS. When in sessions, be the producer uber famous or up and coming, YOU are a piece of the puzzle. If you have an idea for a lyric or melody, don’t hesitate to throw it out there.. Yeah, sometimes your ideas might get shot down but what if they’re actually brilliant? Think of each session as your time to speak up. It’s the safe zone. Get weird (within reason haha).


SYNC Licensing/Your Music in TV Spots

Your music has been featured in spots for Global Brands including Mitsubishi, Lay's, Bud Light Lime, Coca Cola, which is amazing exposure for an up and coming artist. Tell us how this exposure has helped your career and what it means to you? 

I’ve had a multitude of people hit me up after seeing one of the commercials and being like, “DUDE. I think your voice just came outta my” It is surreal. It’s like a cherry on top of hard work that was fun in the making. I still can’t believe my life dream is a real thing.

Did you write a song specifically for each spot or did they use a song that you had already written? 

The one’s mentioned above were all previously written!



You have had much success in the touring arena having opened for Colbie Caillat, Megan & Liz, Hot Chelle Rae, Kalin and Myles & Teen Star Austin Mahone. Tell us how you have accomplished all of this so early in your career & how has it helped you increase your fan base?

My incredible manager. Obviously, the exposure has done wonders for my overall fan development and without that… where would I even be? 

#blessed #luvthepeople <3 


What do you love most about being on the road? 

What I love most about being on the road is making memories with people I’ve just met in places I’ve never been to.  

You were on the iHeart "On The Rise Tour" which included Jake Miller, Becky G., T. Mills, & Colette Carr. Give us some details about this tour and what the iHeart Radio backing means to you? 

It was incredible. The fans were on FIRE, pumped up and ready to party. Nothing can replace those memories.. As for iHeart Radio… I have nothing but so so much love for everyone there who has believed and continues to believe in me. I couldn’t have done it without em <3

You also went on tour with Kalin and Myles on their "Chase Dreams Tour". What was this tour like and is there one thing from this tour that stands out for you? 

It was a dream :) The guys are like my brothers.. and the fans I gained from that tour are now family. At every single show, there was an energy that I can’t describe. Wish I could re-live it!   

You just performed at KIIS FM's "Wango Tango". Tell us all about this show! 

The entire show was full of energy for every artist even through my acoustic set. My most favorite part were the fans that came to the table after my 3 song set.. Each one of them were beautiful souls & made me feel like a superstar :)  

Shortly after signing with your label, STRZ Enterprises, you put out a mini-album which included the song "Cop and Robbers" is a favorite of ours. Tell us everything about this song (writing, recording, making the video, etc.)?

I wrote this song about the true story that is reflected in the music video. Back in the day, I was dating a guy who I thought was “the one” up until I found out he cheated on me with my best friend. Naturally, I called it off after he tried making up and getting us back together. So I wrote a song giving him a taste of what of what heartbreak feels like. Hence, Cops And Robbers. 

"Rollercoaster" is another favorite of ours, so same question as above? 

After hearing my song, “Cops And Robbers” that my manager sent over, a pretty big record Pres called and freaked out over it. He asked to fly us to NYC to showcase for a record deal with his label.. and I already had my bags packed :) We get to his penthouse suite on the top floor of this gorgeous New York sky-rise and I play a few songs acoustically. Afterwards, he’s excited and wants to make the deal! So my manager and I fly home to Dallas, thrilled and day dreaming over  what’s to come, and anxiously wait for the call. So... a few days go by… a few days turns into a week… a week into a month… so on and so forth, you get the picture. I was crushed. It was my first music business burn. So, to vent my heartbroken frustration, I wrote a song..Rollercoaster. 

Opening lyric:  You’re such a tease, you got me begging on my knees, like a book you read my pages, then put me down, trashed my name don’t like my sound, guess it’s a sign, you’re so outrageous.”


The song is exactly what I’d say to that guy who taught me my first lesson in the business: Don’t get too excited until it’s put on paper. And until then, work your butt off until they have no choice but to sign you. 


You were KIIS FM (Los Angeles) #NEXTUPARTIST. They are a major Top 40 Radio Station who are now supporting you. What does their support mean to you? 

Every single person at that station has such a big piece of my heart. They’ve gone above and beyond any radio station I’ve ever known to show their support and belief in me. I’m so honored to have such a renown part of the system on my side and can’t wait to do even bigger things with my fam at the station again soon. 

Your next single is called "Wildfire" and the song is Amazing. Please tell us all about how you came up with this song and any details that you can give us about the video which will be released in June 2015

The past four years, I’ve been told that I need to be this and I need to be that and honestly, until this year I was still trying to find me.. “Wildfire” is an anthem for every single person who has been in search of their identity. It’s my way of telling the world that I will never be Taylor Swift or Katy Perry because those slots have been taken. My brand isn't hot pink flower dresses or cupcake firework bras.. I’m a vagabond. I’m random. One day wearing a boho flower crown, the next day you might see me wearing all black and shades. I’m me. I’m a hippie with a gypsy soul who wants to meet the world and the people in it. I am what the song is- A Wildfire. 

Tell us what type of artist you are? To me, your songs are very hooky, catchy, fun, with mass appeal. What is your message as a recording artist and what audience are you going after?

My message is my story. I want the people to hear a song of mine and be able to relate. Because I think sincerity and honesty is more important than most realize. We’re all here trying to figure out this, amazing and sometimes mortifying, thing called LIFE together so I hope people connect with my crazy stories they hear in my lyrics and know they’re not the only ones going through it alone.  

What is it like to meet your fans & what does their support mean to you?

It’s magic. Every. Single. Time. I keep memory of each smiley face I meet and each sweet comment I receive and never take it for granted. I am blessed beyond belief because of the people I’ve encountered though music and wouldn’t be the artist I am without even one of them. 

What instruments do you play beside guitar, and do you play them live? 

I play acoustic guitar live occasionally and my little ukulele :) 

What is the short term & long term (Big Picture) plan for you as an artist moving forward?

Short term: Get Wildfire to #1 

Long term: World tour till I’m retired and then some ;)

How can fans find you online?

Twitter/Insta: @noellebean 


Team Bean



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thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits