Exclusive Interview with Ashley Brinton

Ashley Brinton


Ashley Brinton talks to us about her latest single "All I Need", her parents surprising reaction to her first performance when she was 7 years old, how she didn't believe she was about to meet with music legend, Tommy Mottola and thought she was being pranked.


Where do you hail from what was it like growing up there?

I grew up in a tiny oceanfront town in Florida called Gulfstream. It was a magical childhood. My school was across the street from the beach and my mom drove me to school by golf cart. 

What inspired you to become a performer?

I always knew I wanted to be a performer from a very young age. I love being in front of people and entertaining. 

Can you remember your first ever public performance?

My first live performance was a surprise one I did when I was seven. My parents had a big party and hired a singer and band. I just grabbed the microphone and belted out a Lady Gaga song. I had the whole room dancing and energized. I continued to perform that evening. At first, my parents wanted to kill me, but when they saw what I could do, they said it was the best party ever. 

How supportive Is your family with your music career?

My mom and stepfather, big daddy, are so supportive of my career. They are always there for me. Encouraging me, traveling with me. Basically, I couldn't do it without them. I am so grateful. 

Growing up who was your biggest musical influence?

Taylor Swift 

Where are you currently based?

I am currently based at boarding school in Kent, Connecticut. My parents still have the house I grew up in in Florida but I don't get there often. I spend most my time in NYC and LA. 

How would you describe your sound?

Pop with a twist 

The Legendary Music Executive Tommy Mottola (Mariah Carey, J-Lo, Jessica Simpson, Marc Anthony, and many others) discovered you.  What was your initial reaction when you heard from him, did you think you were being pranked?

I really thought I was being pranked. My stepfather, aka big daddy, is always playing jokes on me and I thought it was just another one of his silly jokes. My first meeting was at the Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida and until saw his face my parents, I thought my parents were taking me for a holiday lunch there. It was crazy. I even looked around for cameras to make sure it really wasn't a joke. 

To be discovered by such a successful and storied music Industry Executive is a very big deal. How do you feel about that?

I am so blessed to have been discovered by someone so amazing. The fact that he took me under his wing and then introduced me to the legendary Grammy winning producer Cory  Rooney, is beyond a dream come true. I will always be so grateful to Tommy. 

You are currently working with Grammy Award Winning songwriter/record producer (and J-Lo's long time Executive Producer) Cory Rooney. What it's like to work in the studio with him? 

I love, love, love Cory! He has become family. He is so talented. I am trying to learn everything I can from him. Taking it all in and pinching myself when I am in the studio. When I am in school all I can think about is when I will be back in the studio with Cory. 

You just dropped a new single "All I Need". Tell us all about how this song came about and what is was like to write & record it?

I worked with Cory Rooney and Daryl Gervis on the song. I love the upbeat feel of it. I also interrupted it as, 'All I Need' is a support system to get through these tough teenage years. My girlfriends, boyfriend, family help me everyday and it's all I need. 

What was it like shooting the video for "All I Need"  with Disney/Liv and Maddie Star Tenzing Trainor?

Tenzing Is amazing and such a professional. He's such a good friend. We had so much fun shooting in NYC. It was Tenzings' first time in NYC so it was cool to see his reaction to the city. 

Tell us one thing about Tenzing that you think no one else knows?

Tenzing was actually named by the Dalai Lama himself! I don't know anyone else that can say that. 

Are there any non-music people who inspire/influence you?

My mom inspires me. She is a strong successful business woman and yet is so kind and loving. She is my best friend. 

If you could hang out with anyone for the day (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Michael Jackson. What more can I say. He was the king of pop. A legend!!



Apart from Tommy Mottola and Cory Rooney, who else is on your team and how important are they to your Success?

My team is really starting to come together. We have spent the last year putting it together. Everyone is an integral part to the puzzle. 

 Is there a question you wish someone would ask you but never does?

"What's your favorite food?"

What's on deck for you in the next 6 to 12 months?

I have so many big plans. My next single will drop mid to end of march with a music video. I am finalizing the songs for my EP. Maybe even some TV will be in the air! 

 Who would you love to collaborate with in future?


Do you have any Shout-Outs to anyone?

To all my fans! Thank you so much for all the overwhelming support. Can't wait for this journey we're about to take together! ❤❤❤






Snapchat- ImAshleyBrinton 


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thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at https://t.co/hOJWiSjVei #hitshttps://t.co/oNvy4TW6cg
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at https://t.co/hOJWiSjVei #hitshttps://t.co/svbYqKPZbe