Bishop Creezy

Bishop Creezy is an up and coming rapper from

Norfolk,Virginia. Already a veteran freestyler, who

enjoys a good rap battle. We wanted to learn more

about him and what makes him tick.




The Early Years


You were born in Norfolk, Virgina. Tell us about your

early childhood memories, and how you got started in 

the Entertainment Business


I remember late nights and car rides with my dad just listened to soulful music to hardcore hip hop. 

He would play rappers like Snoop and Dr.Dre, Biggie and Tupac and even Public enemy and Run-Dmc ..etc. Just the different styles and flows and energy they put into their music made me want to get in front of a mic and do the same.


You started rapping and performing when you when

you were 13 years old, What sparked that? What

inspired you to pursue music?  

It was a freestyle session at my junior high school, they would have them almost everyday at lunch and they would even freestyle battle sometimes. I would always watch my friend freestyle with the other kids there. The only time I would rap would be home or with my friends at the time because I was nervous to do it in public. But on this day he just out of nowhere yelled "Eric you rap go ahead and spit" and I was nervous but when I started it was something like it was somewhat natural to me and it caught the attention of everyone because they didn't think that voice and flow would come from me and ever since I’ve been pursuing rap.


You  go by the name Bishop Creezy, but you also call

yourself  Nemp from The Nemp Boyz. Why do you use

multiple names? 

I use multiple names because I have my own rap name Bishop Creezy plus the group I'm in called Nempboyz . The Name Bishop from Bishop Creezy derives from the 1992 movie juice who one of my idols Tupac playing that role in the movie. The name Creezy comes from the word creez it's a California term which represents someone's creativity or style. While the name  Nemp from Nempboyz is a acronym for newly evolving my prime. which means we keep going and our prime never ends, but is always evolving.


Give us an example of a typical day in your life from

start to finish: 

 There's never really a typical day.  Everyday is different but what most often usually happens every day is I wake and bake, eat, and take care of my hygiene of course. Catch up and watch hip hop news, like Bossip and Tmz. I listen to some beats. And write a verse or two If I'm feeling the song and maybe freestyle just to keep my mind sharp. If I don't already have any moves set up already, I hit up the crew to hear the plans for the day. If it's a song we are doing they come over. We all listen to each other's verses, record and maybe invite some girls over. We have a small little kickback and they hear the song and tell us what they think and we chat it up, have drinks and roll something maybe. Then everyone leaves. I eat my dinner relax and prepare myself for the next day.


The Music Biz


Do you like performing live or writing & recording

music in the studio? 

It's a hard decision I love both honestly, but if I had to choose it would be performing live for the fans.


Who do you look up to and/or who are you inspired


I look up to my mother, she's a real inspiration to me honestly. Aside from her musically it would be Tupac and Biggie they were my first idols and inspiration in rap.


You have a great rap voice, and you write great songs,

do you want to expand in the biz & perhaps run your

own company one day & work with other artist?

Yes, I think about it all the time, to me that should be any artists’ goal; to rise and expand. And I already have ideas set.


What does being a recording artist mean to you? 

Being a recording artist to me means entertaining the fans; giving them what they want, which is originality, creativity and being multitalented.


What do your fans mean to you? 

My fans mean everything to me. I love the feeling of the crowd’s energy. I can only describe it as the best feelings when it comes to being an artist.


Rap Music has a long and interesting history. Is there

anything in the history of Rap Music that stands out

for you? 

Yes, definitely the different styles from clothes to flows as they change and evolve as years and decades pass. it's all forever memorable.


Do you pay attention to any of the Rap Wars (past or


I pay attention to a lot of the rap wars and beefs. One of my favorites would have to be the east and west coast beef with Biggie and Tupac, 


You have a great look and an eye for cutting edge

fashion! Tell us more about your style? 

To me, my style is most described as creative and different. I love retro clothing and look at other styles and see what I can take and put together to create my own.


Do you mentor anyone or in turn, do you have anyone

who is mentoring you right now? 

Yes. I mentor a few kids in my community whether it's about music or life in general


The Writing Process


Tell us what type of artist you are? To me, your songs

are very street, catchy, with mass appeal. What is your

message as a recording artist and what audience are

you going after? 

I am a creative original multi-talented artist. My message is to deliver authentic music they either can relate or vibe to. My audience can range from anyone. Sometimes I make songs on how I am feeling or where I am mentally to a song made for women or club banger.


What inspires your writing? 

Just listening to music in general gives me inspiration. Hearing another artist’s song could spark a creative spark in my head to create my own music.


Who are you currently working with (artists,

songwriters, producers, collaborators)?

 I'm currently working with a great list of people from producers like Streets On Fire to artists and my group’s members in The Nempboyz.


In addition to writing for yourself, do you want to

write for other artist, or write songs for Film & TV

SYNC Licensing placements? 

I think it would be pretty dope. I would love to network and share my taste and creative work with other artist and platforms.


If you could get anyone in music to be featured on one

of your songs, who would that person or persons be

and why? 

There are so many great artists I would love to do a song with but if I could choose one it would have to be big Sean. He's an inspiration to me and his songs and albums speak for themselves. 


You have written over 50 songs, do you have any

advice for young up & coming artist/songwriters? 

My advice for any young up and coming artists would be to always practice and sharpen your skill. Make sure whatever type of artist you are that your heart is in it and you are passionate about what you do.


Walk us through your songwriting process when you are writing a new song (from start to finish)? Give us a few specific examples of songs that you have written? 

Well, what I usually do for most of my songs is listen to the beat a couple times to get the rhythm remembered in my mind. Then freestyle it in my head, then out loud to gather ideas. Once I have some ideas I write them down edit them into verses and record it.




Where have you performed (which cities, and in which



I have been blessed to performed in many places so far in my career from open mic nights to charity performances. All around the 757 from the Aqua Lounge in Virginia beach to the venue on 35th St. In Norfolk.


Were these performances Rap Battles?  Tell us all

about these battles; who you battled with, what the

crowds were like,  

Yes most were songs, some were freestyles and rap battles. I've had great experiences rapping against some of the best in my city and the crowds were always hype and alive.


We know you are a strong Freestyle Rapper, can you

tell us about how you freestyle? 

It took me years to develop the freestyle skills I have today. Freestyling is all about progression and sharpening your mind if you’re not getting better, then you’re getting worse in my book.


What do you love most about being on stage &


I love the feedback and energy of the crowds. It's something amazing to experience. 


We heard there was a concert promoter that wanted to work

with you after he heard you freestyle! What ever happened

with that situation?  

We had a good run, he even taught me a lot about promoting using social media and gave me a lot of tips about the business but it all ended when he was arrested on gun charges.


We hear that there are lots of hotties that come to these

rap battles/live shows!  Have you ever hooked up with

any of them? 

Yes. Women love to come up to me and tell me how much they loved my songs I usually don't go home with too many of em but when I do we usually come to place or her place. Chat it up have some drinks  and maybe smoke one or 2  and later if we decide to take it further then we take it further.


What is it like to meet your fans & what does their

support mean to you? 

It's a feeling I can't describe in words. Their support means everything to me and everything I do in music is for the fans. 


Do you have a short term & long term (Big Picture)

plan for you as an artist moving forward? 

My short term plans as of right now is to develop and finish this mixtape and get my career on its feet and running. My big picture plans for me as an artist would be to be running my own company with my own clothing line with millions of albums sold worldwide. 


How can fans find you online? 

My fans can find me on YouTube and Instagram @bishopcreezy and @creezybishop  on Twitter @creezybishop and on soundcloud @Nempboyz 


The Future:


Do you want to shout out to anyone? 

I wanna give a shout out to my fans, friends, family, the Nempboyz, and my management consultant team All Star Music Group.


Where do you see yourself in Five Years? 

I see myself in 5 years as a successful artist with several projects done and one or more studio albums done. While seeing my clothing line thrive and planning my own business. 


What do you do for fun when you are not doing music? 

When I'm not doing music I'm either out enjoying my life or relaxing and resting.


Which Sports Stars do you like? 

I'm a die-hard Redskins and Lakers fan so I would have to say Robert Griffin III and Kobe Bryant.


What companies/brands do you want to work with?

 I would love to work with Jordan's or adidas. It's always been a dream of mine to put my creative taste of style onto their shoes.


Where can people find your your music? 

My music can be found on soundcloud @Nempboyz 


Is there anything at all that we did not ask you, that

you would like to discuss? 

Look for more projects coming soon. 


Team Bishop Creezy:



c/o This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Management Consultant:

All Star music Group - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Nemp  Records

thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits
thelookinglist Our February list of recording projects looking for songs is available for $20 at #hits